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The Deanta Primed Door range are ready made to be painted any colour you like. Check out our full range of information below where you can see examples of how your Deanta Primed door may look in the various colours popular this year, as we have displayed in collaboration with Fleetwooods paints. Also discover the best practices when painting your own doors with our information on tips and tricks below.

How to Paint your Deanta Primed Doors

–  A container of water and 2 clean towels or cloths
–  Painters Tape / Masking Tape
–  A brush or Roller
–  A tin of Fleetwood Advanced Satinwood or Gloss Paint in the colour you like

Step 1.    Remove any dust and grime from the door using a clean damp cloth, then allow time for it to dry or wipe dry with a 2nd dry cloth.
Step 2.    Once dry to the touch, apply masking tape to the edges of the doors handles, hinges, glass if applicable, and other details you want to protect from paint.
Step 3.    You’re now ready to paint. To get the finest finish remember to paint evenly and take your time.
Step 4.    Let it dry. If necessary, apply a 2nd coat.

When it is dry, all that remains is to carefully remove the masking tape and admire the beauty of your newly painted Deanta Primed Door!

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Check out Fleetwoods Popular Collection of colours this year, and see how they could transform your Deanta Primed doors today.