Choosing the Right Door Handles for Your Home

Shopping for internal door handles and knobs is not a position you will find yourself in often; unless, you are in the developing and building industry.  When you do find yourself renovating your home or changing up you interiors, it’s important to make the right decision, because you will ultimately have to live with it everyday!  If selected carefully, the handle or knob can be a defining jewel to your room.  Your home can have anywhere from 5 to 20+ doors, each acting as an entrance and separator to a room.

Handles and knobs are such physically small items but at Deanta we know how important they are to a room and a house overall.  If you are thinking, “how come I’ve never thought much about them?” it’s because you haven’t seen a handle gone horribly wrong.  Well chosen handles and knobs subtly tie together the design of your home or room.  It’s when a handle is so tacky or annoying that it will stick in your head and make you think.

As door experts, we have been through all this before.  Read on for our tips to picking the right handle for your door.

Start with the basics: Handle or Knob?

It’s common to use handle and knob interchangeably.  But you are now in the door universe, and handles and knobs are two different things.


Door knobs are classified as a round or square knob that require a tight grasp and twist of the wrist to operate.  The physical requirements of knobs do not meet the standards of the National Disability Authority’s Accessible Design Guidelines.  Many people, particularly those who are older, have reduced strength due to degenerative conditions, such as arthritis.  It is important to consider your door’s future users when selecting between knobs or handles.


Handles are a great alternative to the traditional knob.  The lever increases grip and allows people with varying strength and dexterity to use them.  If you think you are choosing the grips for your forever home, consider choosing handles now so there are no accessibility issues in the future.

Ultimately, the choice between knob or handle comes down to you and your preference.  Both designs come in their own variety of designs and finishes.  Making the decision of knob or handle is only the beginning!

Consider your theme and design

Remember how we spoke about handles being a jewel that ties together a room or your home?  To do this successfully, you have to consider other factors of your home’s design.  Is there a consistent design throughout or different depending on the floors or room?  Some situations work well with a single set throughout, whereas others encourage more variety.  Think of your overall theme, the room design, and the type of door the handle will accompany.

Is your approach more modern or traditional?  Using innovative curved handles will contrast the aesthetics of a traditional design and more decorative traditional styles will contrast a modern approach.   Maybe your approach is more daring or contemporary; consider trying an angular or minimalist design.  If your house does not have a uniform theme, consider choosing handles by room.  For example, some people like to choose more classic or vintage styles for bathrooms and a unique style that speaks to them for bedrooms.

Explore Deanta’s Variety

Click below on each type of knob and handle to see what type of design it suits.  Of course these are only recommendations, the whole purpose of shopping for your door knobs is to find one you love for your house!

Click here to shop Deanta’s entire knob collection.

Click here to shop Deanta’s Elegance, Exquisite, and Harmony handle collections.

Escutcheons: What & Why

Escutcheons are the pieces of metal that are installed on locking doors surrounding the keyhole.  Escutcheons hide the lock cylinder and any rough edges while providing a personalised finish.  Beyond aesthetics, escutcheons also provide protection from the wear and tear the key causes when it misses the lock.

All 7 of our escutcheon styles come in pairs and are styled to match your Deanta handle or knob.  We also offer a variety of finishes such as, Satin Nickel, Satin Stainless, and Polished Chrome.  Our escutcheon collections have several options for locking; key, thumb turn, and thumb or bar turns with indicators.  Our escutcheons are as versatile as our handles and will work in any situation.

To shop all escutcheons, click here and select either Handles or Knobs.