Glass Options  

Déanta offers a variety of glass options to suit any interior. 

Simply choose from our pre-fitted glass doors or get a custom look with

the glass options for our unglazed range of doors. 

Pre-Fitted Glass


Our Clear glass is designed to give a clean view and allow light through from one room to another without distortion, manufactured toughened glass it has been extensively checked for safety.


Our Frosted glass is manufactured with special plastic welded between two panes of toughened glass to give an obscure effect.  This not only adds to the safety of the door but makes it easy to clean.


Our Figured glass has a soft pixel texture offering an obscured view with a sparkle of light.


Our new Reeded glass option has a classic look giving privacy with a linear pattern, it allows light to pass through the glass but is redirected

Glass Options for Unglazed Doors




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