How To Transform Your Door.

What’s the first thing you see before you enter a room?  This might sound like a trick question, but the answer is the door.

What does your door represent?

A door can say a lot about a room, or about the people that own it.  At first thought, you might not find doors fascinating.. but think of a time when you were travelling in a new country, or even another town.  You probably took notice of their doors because they were different and unusual to what you are used to seeing.  At some point or another, you probably even took a photo of a door because it was so eye catching to you.

Doors will mean different things to different people.  For example, our Oak doors might remind you of your parent’s house which allows you to reminisce on your childhood and growing up in the family home, and our Light Grey Ash doors may allow you to dream of a new and modern space, possibly building your first home.  What’s important for us at Deanta, is that you find doors you love and give them the meaning you want.

Give your door meaning:

A great way to take a door and make it your own is to paint it. Our White Primed doors are perfect for this; many of our popular styles are available in this primed range and are ready to be painted. Deanta primed doors are a great way to get creative with your space and by customizing the colour of your door, it allows you to add that personal flair of personality to your home.

Door hunting, especially with a specific colour in mind, can be difficult.  It typically boils down to two options; either buy your door from a brand with few styles of pre-painted doors in a limited range of colours—OR—you can buy your door from a brand with many styles of doors and paint it the specific colour you want.  The best part of the White Primed Deanta range is that the doors come ready for a coat of paint of your choice.

How to paint a door properly:

When you paint your door, there are many grooves to mind.  We have created this guide with simple straight forward steps to help you get the perfect coat of paint on your door.

how to paint a door

  1. Remove any dust and grime from the door using a clean damp cloth, then allow time for it to dry or wipe dry with a second dry cloth.
  2. Once dry to the touch, apply masking tape to the edges of the doors handles, hinges, glass if applicable, and other details you want to protect from paint.
  3. You are now ready to paint. To get the finest finish, remember to paint evenly and take your time.
  4. Let dry. If necessary, apply a second coat.

When it is dry, all that remains is to carefully remove the masking tape and admire the beauty of your newly painted Deanta Primed Door!

Carefully remove the masking tape and admire the beauty of your newly painted Deanta Primed Door.

Remember, when you’re thinking of taking a room up a notch, think of the door first.  It is the first and last thing people will see, and says more than you know.

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